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  # Mais de 3.000 jogos online, para sua diversão.

Agora você não precisa mais sair do para jogar online. Nós temos mais de 3.000 opções para você se divertir.
A descrição dos jogos ainda está em inglês. Mas é muito fácil jogar. Clique e Jogue.
Memory Fruit
Flip over the cards and try to memorize apples, bananas, pears, and ot...
Walk through this terrorist infested neighbourhood shoot down gun men ...
Bat Punch
You have 60 seconds to punch out as many bats as you can!
Monkey Keepy Ups
Keep the monkey in the air, try to beat your old high scores!This is a...
Kangaroo Jack
The dang roo ran away with your jacket and $50,000 in cash. Catch him ...
Jump or duck to escape from the fruits
Mission Mars
Try to land your craft on a flat ground!
Play Squash in this excellent flash game. Does anyone understand the ...
Mo Fro
Help MoFro save the Phatmen and destroy the evil minions of Anti Koan.
Element Saga ep1-4
Use Crow Lancer's sword strike, fireball attack and combos to defeat d...
Yeti Sports - Orca Slap
One of the famous Yeti games. Throw the penguin as if it is a dart
Super Clicker
Click on the moving dot before it moves off screen.
Bowling Master
Try to make more strike in this Bowling game
Sneaky Thief Adventure
Defeat the evil wizard and steal his stuff.
Free Mars
Shoot the martian before they kill you
Rock Starter
Make your own bandin the ultimate music experience.
Wakeboarding XS
Play either the male or female character in the wakeboarding game, avo...
Think being a clown is easy? Try to catapult your clowns and catch the...
Align the colorful blocks falling down, in a groups, matching the shap...
Orcs are attacking, don¡¯t let them ...
Cyber Mice Party
lead the mice to the tasty cheese
Starship Seven
Navigate Starship Seven home - beware as the way home is full of dange...
Hyperrr Cat
Blast the mice with your pistol!
WartHog Rampage
Shoot down the crazed rabid wart hogs using a pistol, shotgun or rocke...
Wireframe Skeleton
Move around the skeleton's limbs arms legs body and make it do funny t...
Pumpkins Ballade
Fly a broom as a witch in this halloween game
Kira's Quiz
Answer the difficult questions to Kira's test and get her to take off ...
Classic snake game with a twist - eat different fruits to observe stra...
Flash Tiles
Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on them, from a ...
Ultimate Crush
Clear the entire game screen by clicking the groups of dots in the sho...
Jump The Gorge!
Put enough juice in your jump so you successfully jump the gorge and l...
Mission To Mars
Land your rocket in Mars and other planets
Catch the toast with your plate as much as possible.
Pencak Silat
A great little Mortal Kombat/Tekken type game where you can customize ...
Ping AI
remake of the classic Pong arcade game.
James Bomb 2
Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth and escap...
Casse FOU
Classic arcanoid break out style game use your paddle and destroy the ...
Counter Punch
In this game you need to knockout all the other players.
Unicycle Challenge
Stay balanced on the Unicycle as you dodge the oncoming mini-beach bal...
Virtual Cops
1st Person shooter that has good graphic similar to the famous Virtual...
Spary the ants with your spraycan
Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multiple...
Super Flash Mario Bros
This is a nice flash remake of the classic Super Mario Bros, with an o...
This is a very simple yet addictive game - just stop the bomb with all...
Ray - Part 1
Go on a mission for some money save this girl snipe down people kill o...
Absolutely Hammering overtime.
Five Finger Pellet
Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand but don`t stab yours...
Spooky Hoops
Play Basketball against the skeletons and try to shoot some hoops! Pic...
Sealab 2021: Time for Trouble
Play as Dr. Quinn while you explore the ocean depths.
Jump up and spike as many balls over the net as you can before time ru...
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